Taken by Strangers

This is the story of Lucy's wild night. Even now, months later, she'll readily admit she still doesn't understand why she said 'yes' to a stranger online, or why she agreed to his demands. But she accepts it was her choice and that night changed her forever.

Lucy always described herself as 'ordinary'. "Just a woman," she would say. "Nothing special." But of course every woman is special. 48 years old, a wife and mother, and a successful career in teaching. She had risen through the school over the years and now held the lofty position of Assistant Head, although she'd quickly remind people that 'assistant' effectively means doing all the heavy lifting while the Head sat in his office with his feet up!

Women have their fantasies, of course, but it's a daring leap from fantasy to reality. Lucy had confided in one or two close friends that her marriage had become dull and lifeless. Work was stressful. Teenage pupils are demanding and rude and apathetic. She was tired and craved a little 'me-time'. Something sensual or sexy. Just to feel whole again. Not a new husband or lover or anything complicated like that. Just... well, you know... a good seeing to!

Her friends were sympathetic, suggesting porn or toys, or simply sharing her confession with a knowing grimace. And then, over a coffee one afternoon, Janet simply said matter-of-factly "Oh I know a place you'll find a man. No strings. Just fun."

Janet was a solicitor. Not the kind of woman you imagine would be playing around! Lucy was slightly taken aback, but Janet just winked and smiled.

"I've handled enough divorces to know where men hang out for casual sex," she continued, dropping to a whisper. "It can be a lot of fun if you're careful."

Lucy swallowed. "You've actually..." she began but couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence. Janet simply smiled again, knowingly.

"How do think my marriage lasted so long," she murmured. "If you want the details, just let me know."

Over the next couple of days, Lucy couldn't get the idea out of her head. She found herself daydreaming about secret trysts, lithe, sexy men in dark rooms. She even caught herself in the staff room, staring at Jonathan, the new Head of Phys Ed, only 31, a charming young man and sexy as hell. She tore her eyes away from his tight little arse and flushed with embarrassment when she realised she was wet. "For goodness sake, control yourself," she reprimanded herself quietly.

She was restless that night, still hot with sexy thoughts, imagining herself wrapped in muscular arms and powerful thighs. Her husband was snoring so she slipped a hand into her PJs and found her vulva, squeezing it gently and stroking her clit. She moistened immediately and quietly fingered her slit, trying not to groan with the shivers of pleasure it brought. Thoughts of hard cock drifted into her head.

She'd been married for 20 years so her sex life wasn't terribly varied, but she wasn't a prude either. She'd had her fair share of cock at university, plus a little experimentation. It felt like a lifetime ago, but she imagined being on her knees, sucking a nice fat shaft, the man groaning with pleasure. After a few minutes she shuddered silently as her pussy flooded with her juices. It was a beautiful release and she sighed deeply and relaxed into the pillow.

Then she did something she'd never done before. Bringing her hand up to her face, she licked and sucked her fingers, tasting the pungent, sticky fluid. She thought it might be disgusting, but it turned out to be quite pleasant, which surprised her. She realised there were many things she'd never done before, and life was slipping past.

"I need cock," she whispered to herself and made a decision.


Janet sent her the web address with a little wink emoji. 'Have fun!' she added.

'Just research at the moment,' Lucy replied.

'Sure. I believe you,' came the sarcastic reply. Janet added an aubergine and a love heart, which Lucy quickly deleted. Then another message appeared: 'Maybe it'll be...' followed by several aubergines. Lucy almost choked on her coffee. 'STOP IT!' she stabbed into her phone.

It had been a busy day, but eventually the pupils were gone and she was alone in her office. She pulled out her phone, switched to a private browser and tapped in the address.

It was obviously a hook-up site and within minutes of hesitantly setting up an account, her inbox started filling with messages. 'Fucking hell, I haven't even added a picture yet!' She thought, but smiled inwardly when she realised that here were dozens of men who want to have sex with her. The initial thrill soon turned sour when she started reading the messages.

'Hey babe, wanna fuck?'

'I'm gonna make you squirt'

'Take my load bitch'

Lucy sighed and started hitting DELETE. After an hour the messages tailed off and Lucy stopped looking. She fired a curt message to Janet with an annoyed emoji. 'Patience,' came the reply. 'Just ignore the idiots. Real men will be along soon.'

Having dismissed it from her mind, Lucy spent the evening doing all the usual things. She finished the dishes wearily and wandered into the lounge. Hubby was parked in front of the telly - something monotonous about cars.

"I'm heading up," she murmured, suddenly tired. He just grunted, eyes glued to the screen.

As she slipped out of her blouse and skirt, she considered her body in the full length mirror. 'Am I still attractive?' she wondered, turning to check her bum. She lifted the cheeks and frowned as they flopped back into place with a wobble. 'Well they could do with work!' she sighed. She turned towards the mirror and cupped her breasts. They were still firm. Maybe not quite a pert as she remembered but not bad for 48! She brushed her nipples and felt a little jolt of sexual energy shoot down to her pussy. Smiling she tweaked and squeezed them, teasing herself as she began to moisten down below. 'Maybe a quick wank before he comes to bed,' she thought with a naughty grin, then remembered the hook up site.

Grabbing her phone, Lucy hopped into bed naked and logged in. Wow - nearly 50 messages! Does it ever end? Most of the messages were banal, but she was horny now so she scrolled through them, occasionally checking out profile pictures of cock. So many different shapes and sizes! And colours of course, not that she had any preference.

Then it popped up and immediately caught her attention. The message simply said 'Tuesday'. Curious.

'Welcome. I expect you've got through the first million messages and I know how depressing that is. I'm not like any of them. I'm not going to waste your time or mine, so take a look at my profile and if you'd like to chat, just reply and tell me more. Look after yourself.'

That was it. No nasty demands or withering put downs. No begging for a meeting or whiney statements about how 'my wife doesn't understand'. Lucy was intrigued. She clicked through to his profile. His name was Tom (or at least that's the name he'd used.) The profile image was a simple low-key portrait. It was dark but she could make out a rugged chin and sultry eyes. No other pics. 'Not much to go on there,' she thought. 'Bit of a mystery man, eh?'

His profile page talked about how he enjoyed giving and receiving pleasure, how life was too short not to have fun, in and out of the bedroom. 'I'm not the marrying kind,' he wrote. 'I enjoy the company of a woman, helping her to relax, explore her sexuality and become free. No expectations. No commitments. If you're that woman, I'd love to hear from you.'

Lucy stared at the profile. It looked scripted, firm but emotionless. In her head she accepted that this was exactly what she'd been fantasizing about, but now that this mysterious stranger was staring out from the screen, she suddenly felt a little intrepidation. Maybe even fear.

'Let's see what happens,' she thought. 'I can always say no.' She tapped in her first message, hoping to sound flirty but not too desperate.

'Hello stranger. Finally someone who sounds interesting. Maybe what I'm looking for. Why does your message say 'Tuesday'?'

'That's enough,' she mused. 'I'm not giving anything away yet. I'll see what Mr Tom has to say for himself first and then decide.'

She deleted a bunch more messages then came back to Tom's profile while she waited for a reply. Gazing at the picture she started to imagine what he might be like. She flushed with lusty thoughts, one hand between her legs, the other gripping the phone. Her pussy quivered as she stroked her clit. Feint sounds of laughter drifted up from the lounge, presumably some chat show on the box. As she waited, Lucy slipped a finger into her vaginal opening. It throbbed gently as she fingered herself, gaze locked on the eyes of the mysterious Tom.

Suddenly the inbox pinged and she sat up abruptly. It was him.

'Well hello to you. Nice to hear you're interested. Happy to chat here if you're just browsing, but if you like what you see, meet me at the Kings Arms on Tuesday. 8PM. Just a drink.'


Lucy was in a quandary. Having harboured fantasies about anonymous no-strings sex with a handsome stranger, it was suddenly real. Staring at the image on her phone, she shivered. Reasons for NOT going any further were crashing into her head - her marriage, her job, her reputation, her health. But her pussy was still throbbing from the little play she'd had earlier. She stared at his message unable to decide. If I say it's too soon, will that scare him away? Does that make me a 'prick tease' or a timewaster? I mean... I started this to get laid and here I am having second thoughts!

Lucy heard the gentle thuds of her husband coming up the stairs. Shit! She quickly tapped into the phone.

'Sorry, got to go. Yes, I'll be there.'

Her finger hovered over the send button, biting her lip.

"Still up love," said hubby as he entered the room. Lucy hit SEND and closed the browser.

"Just catching up with email," she replied, trying to sound calm. But her mind was spinning.


It wasn't until lunchtime the following day that Lucy finally had a chance to log in again. She'd been fretting all morning. 'I don't HAVE to go,' she thought. 'I could still cancel. Or ask him to postpone until we've chatted a bit. Bit of a cop out, but fuck, I know absolutely nothing about this man!'

There were dozens of messages, but she ignored them, scrolling down the list for his name. And there it was, sent ten minutes after she'd shut down last night.

'Great to know you're coming. You won't be disappointed. It's just a drink and a chat. So much nicer than trying to get to know you through messages, don't you agree? Of course, if you're having second thoughts then maybe I'm not the right guy for you. Just let me know. Otherwise I'll see you at the bar on Tuesday.'

Lucy's doubts slipped away. 'Can't really pull out now,' she thought. 'I'm not a fucking snowflake and I'm not missing this opportunity. And is it just a drink, so perfectly OK.'

As the day progressed, more 'issues' popped into her head. She hadn't put much detail on her profile. It had her age and build, but not her marital status. Not even her real name! By the end of the day she'd convinced herself she would have to reply.

'Hi - sorry to be a pain, but you should know that I'm married. I've never done anything like this before. Do you want to share photos? I don't want to waste your time if I'm not what you're looking for.'

Once again, Tom replied within ten minutes.

'Trust me, you're exactly what I'm looking for. I sense you are a little hestitant. Are you scared of me or yourself? I don't need to see any photos. I'll see you in the flesh on Tuesday. I could send you some photos if you insist, but won't it be more exciting to meet a tall, handsome stranger without any preconceptions or judgements? You'll find out more about me in 5 minutes at the bar than in a 100 photos. You decide.'

Lucy knew he was playing with her. 'I'll see you in the flesh...' he'd written. Naughty man. 'Scared? No way! Ok, maybe just a little, but it's a pub for God's sake. I can just leave if he's an ogre.' But his profile picture said differently. Those eyes... Gentle, sensual butterflies filled her stomach, then fluttered down to her pussy.

'OK you win. But only the first round! Tuesday at 8. I'll be wearing a yellow scarf.'


They say that when people meet on a date for the first time, they decide whether they're going to sleep together within 30 seconds. Lucy had made up her mind before she even reached the bar.

It had been a frantic couple of days. The half term holidays were coming up, which meant setting homework and reviewing timetables. And Parents Evening was on Thursday. Added to that, Lucy had rearranged lunch cover so she could pop out shopping. For some bizarre reason that she couldn't quite rationalise, she had to have new underwear! And after perusing the lingerie aisle for 20 minutes, worrying about whether a 48 year old married woman should really be wearing THOSE, she grabbed a lace balcony bra and thong, mumbled her way through the till and stuffed them in her bag before rushing back to class.

Hubby knew all about the stresses of running a school, so it was no surprise to him when she announced that she'd be working through Tuesday evening.

'I guess I won't wait up then,' he laughed.

'I won't be that late!' Lucy replied with a nervous giggle.

She'd pulled up at the Kings Arms a few minutes early, and sat in the car fiddling with her makeup. 'You look fine,' she mumbled. 'It's just a drink.' But, of course, she'd changed into a thigh length dress, slipped on some sheer tights and, of course, had the lace underneath. 'Who am I trying to kid!'

Her legs trembled a little as she approached the door, wondering if she'd recognise him. All her worries dissipated instantly as she met his gaze immediately, perched at the end of the bar, alone. Oh yes, that's him alright. He beamed and stood up. Dark haired. Mature but rugged. Casually dressed. Not huge but tall enough. Not slim but nicely proportioned. And the eyes...

All of this within a few seconds, of course. The butterflies returned and she just about made it to the bar where Tom ushered her onto a stool. He pecked her on the cheek and she caught his scent. Spicy and alluring.

"That wasn't so hard, was it!" he chirped.

"You have no idea," Lucy replied, finally grinning with delight.

He ordered her a drink and they introduced each other. Lucy tried to be coy, but felt herself relax in Tom's company. He was easy going, confident and led the conversation gently and without any pressure. They moved to a corner table and ordered shrimp with a spicy dip and bowls of fries on the side.

"I don't want to sound controlling but I think there should be a few ground rules," he stated, smiling. "Firstly, you don't need to tell me anything you don't want to. I don't need to know your name, or your job or anything about you. It's entirely up to you what you share."

Lucy couldn't help herself. She opened up about how stressed she'd been, how much she needed a break, about her marriage and her life. Tom listened patiently, interjecting occasionally and nodding when nothing needed to be said. Eventually she paused.

"I'm so sorry. All I've done is talk since I got here."

"Maybe that's what you need at the moment," Tom replied, smiling and munching on a French Fry.

"Well, that wasn't why I..." Lucy blushed and her voice tailed off as their eyes locked for a moment.

"So what is it that you'd like?" murmured Tom.

Lucy hesitated. A moment of truth. "Not sure exactly," she muttered, although she was.

"You see, I think I know exactly what you want," he said gently.

Lucy felt herself moistening and a sudden emptiness in the pit of her stomach. Tom reached across and took her left hand. He massaged her fingers. Lucy's pussy tingled as he touched her.

"I booked a room here," he said slowly. "Would you like to join me upstairs?"

Lucy couldn't speak. Her legs were trembling again under the table. Her pussy quivered at the thought of what she was about to do. She looked up and nodded.

Tom touched her wedding band. "Take this off first," he said firmly.


It was a beautiful room. Oak beams crossed the ceiling and a small dressing table sat demurely in one corner. The room was dominated by a large double bed. Tom had closed the curtains leaving the room lit only by the glow of a small lamp on the bedside table.

It was warm but Lucy still shivered a little, although that may have been the butterflies. She turned and faced him, noticing how calm he looked. His confidence was reassuring. She paused, not quite sure what to expect.

"Rule Number 2," he said softly. "You're completely safe here. Everything that happens in this room, stays in this room. We can do anything you want. We can stop any time."

Lucy swallowed. "OK," she croaked and blushed. Her mouth was dry, but her pussy was wet and tingling. Once again, Tom was calm and clear.

"I want you to undress me," he murmured.

Now that she had something to do, Lucy felt at ease. She reached for his shirt buttons, slipping them out one by one, glimpses of his toned, lightly haired chest peeking through. Looking up, she saw he was smiling. As he slipped off the shirt, she fumbled with his belt buckle, then tugged gently at the clip and zip. His trousers came loose.

"Kneel down, Lucy," said Tom firmly.

She was relaxed now. She knew what he wanted and remembered how she'd fantasised about this just a couple of weeks ago. Sinking to her knees, she slipped her hands into his trousers and they dropped to the floor. He deftly kicked them away. His cock bulged in his boxers and twitched as she touched it. She gently lifted the hem and reached in to feel his cock, pulling it out. She felt it pulse as her hand wrapped around its girth. It was hot to her touch, and she was momentarily light-headed with it's musky scent.

"That's a good girl. You know what to do."

Tom stroked her cheek with one hand, then reached behind her head and gently pulled her forward. His cock was hard now, fully erect, her hand holding it tight at the base. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue under the head. He continued to pull her forwards until his cock slid into her open mouth and he sighed.

Lucy was still fully dressed, kneeling in front of this gorgeous man, his manhood sliding in and out of her mouth. She explored the feel of it, cupping his scrotum and gently squeezing it. Her knickers were soaked. She looked up and noticed Tom's eyes were closed and he was grinning. She hadn't sucked cock for years and she suddenly realised how much she enjoyed it, kneeling in subjugation, this man using her like a whore. She revelled in the fact that she was giving him pleasure.

"You like that, don't you?" He purred and she nodded. Her tongue was licking his shaft and she tried pumping him with her hands.

"Just your mouth," he said and she slowed a little. "Hands behind your back."

Lucy complied and let him hold her head and fuck her mouth for a few minutes. He caught the back of her throat a couple of times and she spluttered but he kept going. She sucked him, trying to keep her teeth away from his skin. She desperately wanted to please him. In fact, she realised that she wanted him to release his seed into her mouth and taste him. She pulled away briefly.

"You can cum if you like," she whispered.

"If that's what you want," he replied. He lifted her face and gazed at her, smiling. "Rule number three. If I cum, you swallow. Understood?"

It suddenly felt so...right. So perfect. She was his to be used, to take his pleasure from her. It felt like the most natural thing in the world.

"Yes, sir," she said, without even thinking.

And then he pushed her head back onto his pole and started pumping. She gagged and her nose started running, but she held still for him, her hands clasped behind her back, his hands holding her head tight. Her pussy was throbbing and it hadn't even been touched yet. Then he grunted, rammed his cock into the back of her mouth and she felt the warm sticky semen splash onto her tongue. In that moment she thought it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted.












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