Psycho Bitch

"One, two, three, four, we are wildcats, so we'll kick their asses a little more!!" we all chanted, while dancing around in the gym.

"Wait, wait, Hannah, did you say, 'So we'll kick their asses a little bore?'" she asked, strolling up a bit.

I walked forward and looked at her with my arms up and my eyebrows down. "For the last time, Miranda, I did not get it wrong. I've been practicing this routine for weeks now."

"Uh huh, well, let's try that again," she suggested, getting back into position.

"You fucking stupid bitch, you think just because you are the cheer captain, you can just be Cunt-zilla?" I muttered under my breath, while getting into my starting stance.

I moved my arms up and down and all around, just as the routine was.

"Hannah, are you taking this seriously at all?" she inquired, looking towards me again.

"Yes, I am!" I yelled, gawking at her. "That's why I've worked on my moves every single day for over two months now. Dare I ask: why are you such a tart?"

"Well, cut your shitty attitude and just try to attempt this simple routine. You wave your arms, kick and chant," she told me, strolling towards me.

Then she stopped in front of me and glared. "Its really that simple, but I'm just thinking your only goal here is to piss me off. Am I wrong?" she wondered, with her hands on her hips.

I bit my teeth and clenched my fists. "Here is a better question: why am I the only one that you grind your ax with? Just because you are really popular, Miss Perfect? Now you think you can do whatever the fuck you want?" I asked, getting in her face.

"You got your long blonde hair, perky tits and everything else here. Popularity isn't enough, you need to take shits on the not so attractive ladies?" I questioned, checking out her body and feeling it a bit too.

"I'm no worse than any of these ladies, but yet you just wanna bite my head off for what fucking reason exactly?!" I snapped, stomping my feet.

"What is wrong with you, Hannah? Are you having a breakdown?"

We just glared at each other for a moment with our eyebrows down.

"Did you hear a damn word I said? No, you just hear whatever you want to hear. I guess you have that body talking and listening for you, huh?" I inquired, shaking my head.

I peeked at the other ladies. "No one can even look at me? No one else wants to say anything? Shawna, Tina, Stacy? Not even you, Barb? Nothing?" I asked, putting my arms up.

I sighed. "Well, it appears that I'm a woman without a country here," I pointed out, looking at everyone.

"Just sit down for ten minutes, Hannah. When you are done with your mishap, you can come back and continue practicing."

I studied her face. "Obviously, I haven't gotten through to you."

"Well, just try to comprehend what's going on here. You are freaking out because you are fucking up the routine."

I put my hand up. "You know what, screw this bullshit, and fuck you too, Miranda, I quit!!" I roared, flipping her off.

I paraded myself towards the locker room. "Oh, shit, Miranda, I'm not walking like a lady. You better chase me down and chop off my head with that ax again," I wailed, waving my arms around and shaking my ass while pounding the floor with each step.

I went right to the locker room and got to my locker. "Wow, what a hussy. I mean damn, every single day of practice, I just wanna rip my ears off so I don't have to hear her gripe. Why the hell didn't I just quit weeks ago?" I questioned myself before I unzipped my cheerleader uniform.

I slipped out of it and threw it in the locker.

I put my palms onto the wall and took a deep breath. "Calm down, woman. Don't let her make your heart just explode. Do not let that cunt win."

After a moment of resting, I unhooked my bra, slid my panties down and stuck them into my locker. I strolled over to the towel rack and snatched one. I wrapped it around my waist and ambled to the showers. I went to the one towards the back and threw the towel to the side.

I turned the shower on and let it hit my tits and stomach. "Yes, wash away the stank of the smelly witch. I'm not gonna let it get onto me again."

I became soaked in about a minute and then I heard footsteps.

I glanced over at the entrance to the showers. "You have got to be kidding me, I can't win here, cunt-zilla is everywhere," I chuckled faintly, hitting my head softly.

She had a towel wrapped around her covering her tits down to her upper legs. She looked right back at me with her eyebrows down, but said nothing.

'Nothing to say, witch? Are you just gonna look at me as if I'm just a naked stranger in a public locker room? Even after that scene?'

I was about to open my mouth, but I bit my tongue. 'No, she's not worth it.'

She took off the towel and dropped it.

'That figures, she has big melons, a flat stomach, broad shoulders and a short haired patch on her pussy. I mother fucking hate to admit it, but she is quite enticing,' I thought, examining her body.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," she told me, roaming towards the other end of the shower area.

She halted and turned a shower on.

I moved my head back towards my shower and slanted it down too. "How does a major floozy like her get a body like that? Where the fuck is the justice in this world?" I whispered.

I kept my head down for a moment, but then brought it back up. I glimmered back towards her and saw her washing herself. I licked my lips as I couldn't seem to look away.

"Shit," I hissed, clenching my fists. "Quit fucking looking at that wench," I mumbled, forcing myself to look away.

My right hand dropped to my slit and I actually felt my juice flowing out. "I know that's not shower water. Son of a bitch, how is this happening to me?" I grumbled, lowering my head again.

I just rubbed my arms and legs repeatedly, while trying not to peek at her. "What the hell is wrong with me? Why is my twat leaking out cum?" I moaned through my teeth.

I felt as if my blood flow just halted suddenly and I began breathing rather loudly too. After about another five minutes, she turned off her shower. I kept my eyes off her the best I could and then I heard footsteps.

I couldn't help, but to lean my head back up.

I saw her standing about five feet in front of me with her towel wrapped around her waist. "Who is starring now, slut?" I inquired.

"I don't sleep around, I have respect for myself, thank you very much," she let me know, with her hands on her hips.

"Just no respect for me," I pointed out, turning off the shower. "You've proven that. Being a tart to me and then trying to make me sound nuts in front of everyone," I explained, before I took my eyes off her and grabbed my towel.

I wrapped it around my waist and began walking.

As I strolled past her, she snatched my arm. "What the fuck, Miranda? Let go of my arm, you tramp!"

Her lips parted and she ogled my breasts. She licked her lips for a few seconds, but then her eyes moved to my face as I was about six inches shorter than her.

"What? Tired of looking at yourself naked? You need to check out the brunette with only shoulder length hair and smaller tits, that you take a shit on everyday?" I wondered, forcing my arm back.

I just gaped at her face for a few more seconds as she examined my breasts. "You have nice tits that perfectly fit your body, Hannah."

"You are the insane one here," I declared, before I stomped back towards my locker and took my towel off.

I pulled out my bra and panties and put them both on.

As I hooked my bra, I saw a shadow in front of me that wasn't my own. "What do you want, Miranda? I'm off the squad, that's all I can imagine you wanted," I asked, grabbing my shirt.

"Oh, a sexy silk dark blue bra and panty set," she commented, as her hand came onto my shoulder. "You are quite sexy, Hannah."

I pushed her hand off my shoulder. "What game are you playing with me?" I questioned, turning around.

"Nothing," she replied, untying her towel. "I'm just appreciating the body of a ravishing woman."

As she stood completely naked in front of me, I immediately felt a few drops of cum falling down both of my legs.

"Let me guess, you are turned on by me. Although, you can't stand it, because I'm such a bitch. Am I right? You have to be attracted to me, why else would you keep peeking at me in the showers?"

She closed the gap between us to only a few inches. "Touch them if you want or maybe you want me to touch your tits. Maybe we can feel each other up, what do you say?"

I shook and bit my lip. 'She has gotta be screwing with me.'

"Get the hell away from me, Miranda!" I shouted, pushing her away on her stomach.

I put on my shirt and shorts as she just eyeballed me. "Seriously, fuck off. You are just creeping me out now."

"Maybe I want to keep ogling you, Hannah. Let's face it: you are still on the squad."

I turned around holding my uniform. "Well, not anymore. In fact, I'm transferring to another school so I don't run into you at all. I'm saying goodbye to red and white," I stated, looking at her face.

"No, don't do that, can't we just work things out?" she wondered, slanting her head down and putting her hands together. "Pretty please?"

"No, we can't, that ship has sailed. Try running your mouth a lot less next time, maybe I won't feel the need to run and never look back. Sound good?"


"Too fucking bad, floozy," I declared, before I strolled right over to the exit.

She quickly followed me and her hand slammed onto the door. "You can't leave just like that, won't you talk to me first?"

"About what?! I'm out, so there is nothing else to talk about!" I roared, hitting the wall. "Guess what, I'm out of this school. I already registered at another one, so leave me the hell alone and just let me get out of here!" I screeched, tilting my head back.

"Just one minute. I'm not asking as a wench, just as a another female college student here, trying to make you not leave."

I sighed. "Make it quick," I made clear, before I turned to her again.

"Do you really think I'm attractive?" she wondered, rubbing her breasts.

I shot her a dirty look for five seconds. "Goodbye forever, Miranda," I stated, forcing the door open.

I left and stomped out into the hallway. "Mother fucker, she really takes the cake. Oh, wait a minute, she is an anorexic harlot that won't touch a cake," I griped, before I made it to the end of the hall.

"Wait, Hannah! I was trying to tell you something!"

"You can't be serious," I groaned through my teeth, prior to turning around.

"Miranda, what the fuck are you doing out here naked?"

She ran towards me and stopped right in front of me.

"What the fuck do you want from me?"

"This," she responded, before she put her hands onto my arms and her lips onto mine.

I immediately placed my hands onto her chest. "Miranda, get the hell away from me!!" I yelled, shoving her away.

She was breathing heavily, but grinning. "I wanna be with a woman and I want it to be you."

My hands rose up and my head leaned back. "You are a psychopath, Miranda, don't ever communicate another word to me," I advised her, before turning around. "Don't send me texts, don't message me on Facebook, just forget I exist," I warned her, before I opened the front door.

I stomped outside into the late afternoon summer heat. "Fuck me!" I snapped, before I began strolling towards my car. "Am I in a lesbian horror movie?"

I made to the parking lot across the street.

"Hey, floozy wrapped in a tart, I was talking to you!"

I glanced back towards the front door and saw her again, coming towards me.

"We're outside in public, why are you doing this?!" I screamed, with my arms out in front of me.

She jogged the one-hundred and fifty feet over to me and halted again. She said nothing and placed her hands on her hips.

I grinned, showing my top teeth and closed my eyes. "I may have a slight attraction to you, but now I'm just curious to see what you'll do if I say 'Goodbye.'," I explained, before opening my eyes again. "You are already parading your naked body out here for like twenty other students to see you. You do know they all have camera phones, right?" I pondered, raising my palms.

"Yes, that's how important it is for me to tell you this. Although, say 'Goodbye,' and find out what I'll do," she suggested, rubbing her slit.

I couldn't help, but to check out her body once again. 'What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I have cum streaming down my legs again?' I thought, rubbing my forehead with my right hand.

After about thirty seconds, she brought her lips right back to mine. I kept my arms down and just let it happen. I felt her breasts come up against me and ten seconds into our kiss, her hands came onto my butt.

'Fuck, she is caressing my butt and I'm tingling a bit too.'

After about a minute, her lips parted from mine. She just eyeballed me as my head bowed down. I looked right at her hooters again and then she wrapped her arms around me. The right side of my face rested right above her boobs and she produced vibrations too.

"I'm sorry I've been such a bitch, but I wanna jam my tongue so far into your cherry, that I can't get it back out," she confessed, dropping her hands to the bottom of my shirt.

"Why? I hate you and you hate me. We're the opposite of a match."

"Well, because you are in fact drop dead gorgeous," she admitted, before she took off my blue top. "And you always seem to drench my underwear everyday, regardless of what you think of yourself. You are very beautiful and you really should admit that to yourself."

"Nice, hot lesbians right in the parking lot after school," a male student said, holding his phone to us.

She immediately dropped my top and glanced at him. "Fuck off, asshole, we're in the middle of something here."

"No, something is finally interesting at this school."

While grinding her teeth, she strolled right to him. "Take a mental picture, jerk off," she advised him, before she snatched his phone and hurled it at the ground.

"Too bad," she chuckled. "Now get the hell away, my new best friend and I are trying to talk."

"You both are psychos!" he yelled, before he ran.

Then she scanned the radius. "Everyone else, get lost!!" she growled, raising her arms.

We both checked the perimeter. "Yeah, that didn't work, Miranda. If you wanna get expelled, that's your business. Now I'm leaving," I made clear, seizing my top.

I put it back on and ambled towards the drivers side door.

"No, please just stay here with me. I've been a floozy, but I just pulled a bimbo move to confess my crush," she pleaded, while shedding a couple tears and putting her arms on top of the car. "You have to hear me out."

"Entertaining the possibility that you do have a crush on me for whatever reason, wouldn't it have been easier to say that in the locker room?"

"I tried to, but you didn't wanna listen at all. You just wrote me off," she cried, hitting my car.

"That's because you are the floozy wrapped in a tart here, Miranda! I loved cheer leading until you were elected to be captain. You made it worse than having a migraine. Now I'm gone and ditching this school forever. Goodbye, Miranda," I made clear, before I entered my car.

I put my key into the ignition and turned on the engine. In the corner of my eye, I saw her standing there at the passenger side window.

I bit my bottom lip and my right arm failed to go to the gear shirt. "Why the fuck are you not speeding away?" I asked myself.

Then I looked over towards the window and saw her pressing her titties onto it. "Come on, let this stuck up cunt spill her heart out right in front of all these students. I saw you checking me out too, Hannah, so I know you want me. You can't deny it."

I closed my eyes, took in a deep breath and turned off the engine. "Maybe my crush is mutual. Fuck, I'm so gonna regret this," I muttered, before I opened my eyes and exited the car.

She strolled to the front of the car and I met her there.

"As soon as I saw you checking me out, I knew it was meant to be," she mentioned, bringing her hands to my tits. "You know, when you got in my face in the gym, my panties were soaked. I seriously thought about kissing you right at that moment. I've seen you naked dozens of times and you are quite gorgeous. How old are you? Nineteen, twenty?"

"I'm nineteen, Miranda. Now get your hands off my breasts."

Her palms slipped off me, but her face leaned towards mine. "May I have another kiss?" she requested, before she puckered her lips.

I bit my bottom lip. "I swear if my panties weren't soaked, I would have raced off," I put on the record, before I pulled her to me and kissed her.

My hands made the trip right onto her butt and she did the same. She closed her eyes, but I peeked at each side of us.

'What the fuck is going on here? I hate this tramp, why the hell am I kissing her? How did I become attracted to her? Son of a bitch, there are like fifty other students eyeballing us.'

She caressed my butt once again and I felt her wet pussy rub onto my right leg. I felt drops of sweat fall right off my head in the summer heat, as her butt was drenched.

Then her lips parted from mine. "If I fuck only one person for the rest of my life, I'm gonna fuck you and make you love it. Even if we have people watching and I get expelled. I'll come to the new school with you and keep fucking your brains out," she let me know, before she pushed me down onto the hood of my car. "Only because I will make you turn that hate into loving lust that makes resistance impossible," she explained, before she leaned to my stomach and lifted up my top.

It went over my breasts and then she tilted herself down to them.

"We already have enough witnesses to get us expelled and banned for life, so I'll never be able to come back even if I wanted to. So fuck me if you are gonna fuck me, wench."

"Yes, best friend," she replied, before she moved my bra down a little bit past my left nipple.

"Perfectly sized nipples for your tits too, Hannah. You really should look at yourself naked, you might find out that you can attract women too."

My eyebrows shifted down. "Again, fuck me if you are gonna fuck me, hussy."

"I'm with her," another guy mentioned, holding his phone to us, while his other hand was in his pants.

So her hands slithered right underneath me and she undid my bra. She threw it on the ground and her head drop to my melons. She took my left nipple right into her mouth and sucked the life out of it immediately.

"That's good, Miranda. You are fucked up beyond all recognition, but you know how to suck on a nipple."

I lied back completely and felt my entire body flutter with my arms on each side of me. "You suck, Miranda. You've been a total cunt to me, and now you making me attracted to you. I can't help, but to hate you so much right now."

"Put your hands on my head, maybe I'll bite your nipple and you'll hate me even more. Do it and make this guy shoot his load."

I chuckled slightly and calmly transported my hands onto the back of her head. She sucked even harder and made me vibrate even more. I cheesed and showed all my teeth as I caressed her head.

'Well, the dominoes are falling now. I hate this skank for being right. Why the hell did she have to be?'

"As if you can just present yourself and eventually win me over, you stuck up harlot. I wanna be mad, but yet the pleasure you are delivering is just bashing my defenses and making it impossible to focus on all the shit you've put me through."

She immediately extracted my nipple from her mouth, slanted herself up and looked at me with a couple tears sliding down her cheeks. "I'm sorry, Hannah. Will you forgive me, please?"

She pulled me up with her, kissed me for a few seconds and peeked down at my tits. "Call it what you want, but I'm a total fucking cunt, as you've called me more than a few occasions."


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