How It All Started Pt. 02: Gary

Now in my 50's and not getting any sex with my wife, I have a regular routine of masturbating. I really like bringing myself off whilst watching porn. I consider myself to be a bit bi-sexual and I often taste my own cum by licking it off my fingers but I would love to suck another man's cock and have him shoot his load into my mouth. One day the opportunity presented itself.

New neighbours, Gary and Jeanette, moved in next door to us and over the course of the next few weeks we got quite friendly with each other. Gary and his wife would often meet me and my wife in the pub for a friendly drink and I would sometimes go around to their house and have a beer with Gary when his wife was away on business. Jeanette worked as an insurance auditor and was quite often away overnight whilst travelling to other towns. On one such occasion Gary and I had a couple of beers and got talking about girls and sex. During our conversation he dropped the bombshell that he thought he might be bi-sexual. He explained that he had frequent sex with Jeanette, but that he often fanaticised about what it would be like to enjoy sex with a man. He said that he and Jeanette like having sex so much that they are always experimenting with different positions and activities.

As my wife and I no-longer have sex and I am limited to just wanking, I wanted to hear more of course and so he started to explain that recently he had enjoyed tasting his own cum. Sometimes his wife would share it with him during a kiss after blowing him and they both enjoyed him licking his cum out of her pussy. Following his 'confession' I told him that many years ago I used to have oral sex with my best friend and I related my story to him together with the fact that I missed sucking cock.

Having shared our most intimate thoughts and stories he asked the inevitable question, "What would you think about sucking me?". I said that I would really like that but with two provisos. Firstly, that we were careful so that my wife never found out as I knew she would regard this as having an affair, and secondly, that I would not want to do anything anal. Anal sex, giving or receiving, is a complete no for me.

As I had been in his house for some time I didn't feel we had sufficient time to 'play' that evening. We therefore agreed to postpone our first sexual experience for the moment but that he would let me know when Jeanette was next out of town. I said I would look forward to it and as I got up to leave Gary put his arms around me and kissed my lips. I responded by kissing him back, a little more forcefully, and we had a few seconds of proper kissing during which he squeezed my hard cock through my trousers. I had a quick feel of him and was pleased to note a large hard cock inside his trousers.

A couple of weeks later I was outside when Gary approached me. He said that Jeanette was away again in two days-time and would I like to come around. I said yes and could already feel a tingle in my groin from the thoughts of what might happen. When the day arrived I had a nice shower in preparation, just in case he did play with me, and told my wife I was going for a beer with Gary. At the allotted time I went around to Gary's and after he let me in I noticed he locked the door which he doesn't normally do. Added security I assumed. Then when he turned back towards me he put his arms around me and there we were kissing again. It was absolutely clear that we both expected to have sex.

He said we had better have a drink or my wife might get suspicious if I don't go home smelling of beer. There was no need to rush so we grabbed a can each and sat near each other on his settee, drinking and talking. The talk was mainly of a sexual nature and he told me that a couple of days ago he had licked his own cum off his wife's tits and imagined he was tasting me. I confessed that I had wanked more than once since our last meeting thinking about sucking him off. He put his can down and moved closer to me and we shared a long passionate kiss.

During our kiss Gary put his hand on my clothed cock and gently squeezed and rubbed me. I was fully hard. I broke our kiss and said to him; "Gary I've waited long enough, please can I suck your cock?" "No rush. Let's play a bit first." He replied. Then he started to undo my jeans and brought my hard cock out into the open. "Nice." He said whilst gently feeling me and rolling my foreskin back and forth.

I reached across and undid his trousers. I was thrilled to see that he had not bothered wearing any underwear and his cock was easy to pull out. His cock was really nice. Fully erect, about 7 inches long and quite thick, with a nice foreskin. Best of all it had a slight upward curve to it. When watching porn I had always liked seeing cocks with a slight upward curve. I couldn't wait to feel it in my mouth.

We sat for a little while feeling each other's cocks and occasionally kissing, then Gary suggested we go to his bedroom. He led the way upstairs and into his marital bedroom. Being married it had the expected feminine touches, but it was not too 'frilly'. Once in there Gary quickly undressed and I followed his lead. Now both completely naked, he stood in front of me and again took my cook in his hand and started stroking me. I did the same to him. "Let's lie on the bed." He said. And we did.

Lying naked next to each other we kissed again but unable to wait any longer I moved further south. I kissed his neck and then took one of his nipples in my mouth and sucked it. He clearly liked this as he sighed his approval. I kissed my way further and nuzzled my nose in his dark pubic hair. He smelt fantastic, clean but with a hint of manliness. Taking his cock in my right hand to hold it vertical, I ran my tongue from the base to the tip. Once on the tip I opened my mouth and engulfed the head of his cock. I can't describe how good it felt to have this man, my friend, in my mouth at last.

I looked sideways a little and saw that he was just lying back with his eyes closed as I sucked him. I used my fingers to roll back his foreskin and licked all around his cock head. Then I sank down and was able to take nearly all his cock in my mouth. The slight bend in his cock made it fit perfectly in me and I sucked really hard. I withdrew upwards and then sank down again. I did this several times and his breathing was becoming heavier. I could tell he liked what I was doing when suddenly he said; "Oh God mate, I'm getting close!" I didn't even think about stopping. I took his ball sack in my left hand and as well as sucking him I gently massaged his hairy balls. I wanted to taste this man's cum and so I continued my assault on his beautiful big cock.

He arched his back, gave a big sigh and announced he was going to cum. I felt his balls contract and the underside of his cock pulse. I clamped by lips around his cock head and then the first spurt hit the back of my throat. I just held his cock still in my mouth as spurt after spurt of his cum flooded my mouth. His spunk tasted really good. I swirled it around a little and then swallowed it all straight down. Gently massaging his cock produced a little more which I licked off his cock head and swallowed.

When I withdrew his cock from my mouth and looked at him he was looking down at me with a big grin on his face. "Did you save any for me?" he said. "I'm afraid not mate. It was so good I swallowed the lot." "Well then, I shall just have to content myself with yours."

I moved back to lying beside him and without any ceremony he went straight about sucking me off. He was able to deep-throat me and get all of my cock into his mouth. Like my first male sucking partner all those years ago, Gary's method was to wank my cock with his hand whilst sucking. I managed to last about 5 minutes before warning him of my impending orgasm. He didn't miss a beat and I emptied my balls into his welcoming mouth. He continued 'coaxing' me until he had consumed my entire load.

We laid there kissing and holding each other for a little while and then Gary suggested we get dressed and go and have another beer. Once back in his lounge drinking beer we spoke about our first sex with each other. We were both of the same mind, that this was not a one off and when I said that I wanted to suck his cock at every possible opportunity, he readily agreed.

Before I left to go home to my wife we sucked each other to completion again, right there on the settee. I mentioned that I wished I could try his cum out of a nice pussy and his reply was; "You never know mate, you never know."


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